Thursday, October 11, 2018

1d8 things to find in Grasslands

While traveling through the open plains, the adventurers stumble upon . . .

1. An abandoned sod hut, built into a low hill. It contains two rooms, the bones of its former inhabitants, and there's a 1 in 6 chance whatever did them in still lurks within.

2. A large spur of stone, fifteen feet tall and eight in diameter, stabs up through the ground. Tall enough to be visible for miles around, no moss or lichen grows on its surface. Those familiar with geology recognize it is a type of rock foreign to these parts.

3. A wooden wagon wheel, banded in black iron, and apparently completely intact. If the adventurers have a wagon it could be used as a spare.

4. A dry creekbed, running 1-3 in the same direction as the PCs are traveling or 4-6 in a different direction. After heavy rains the creek runs for 1d4 days before drying out again.

5. A small spring, surrounded by verdant grass. It's small, and will run dry after filling 1d6 waterskins.

6. A small grove of box elders can be seen for several miles away, no more than one hundred feet to a side. A lonely dryad dwells within the grove, which is populated during the summer by a flock of colorful songbirds.

7. The bones of a giant can be found, half buried in sod, with grass growing in the eye-sockets of the skull. The bones are old and fractured, having been gnawed on by coyotes and wolves.

8. The adventurers startle a covey of grouse from their nests as they pass by. 3d4+12 birds take to flight as one. Quick thinking adventurers may be able to shoot one or more, food for the evening's meal.

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  1. Hmm, coincidentally I'm running a hexcrawl where the party is about to explore some grasslands. These could be useful.

    Just pretend you don't recognize them...